Our Story

Ad Humanitas™ provides support for the human journey through the continual development of InnerDialogue, its associated workshops and mentorship for practitioners

Our InnerDialogue workshops are available to everyone through face-to-face, hands-on classes and workshops. 

  • Personal Development toward purpose and identity.

  • Group Development for families, immediate and extended as well as past and present. For friends and other social dynamics.

  • Management Development for small and medium-sized businesses, and groups or collectives interested in meaningful resolutions of conflict, increased interpersonal dynamics, and more efficient business organizational development: both secular and spiritual.

  • Practitioner Development for any modality of healing in order to deepen one’s dialogue with clients, partners and colleagues.

  • Practitioner and Teacher training of InnerDialogue for anyone that wants to fully engage in this work as the Purpose of our work is to bring alive inner resources to navigate the human journey.

Ad Humanitas utilizes a number of cutting edge tools to provide insight and facilitation whether in therapeutic work, personal growth, or in the coaching of organizations through consultation. Our primary tool is InnerDialogue that provides an essentially non-verbal dialogue system that involves a complete, detailed, and precise protocol to help access subconscious information. Once this story or understanding emerges, the practitioner/guide relays this back to the client and helps facilitate an understanding of the root causes of the distress, dysfunction, or illness and—in doing so—promotes a resumption of natural, innate health. This dialogue system and the understanding it brings can be used in many other areas of human interaction, such as family, group and business environments.

The model that underpins the work of Ad Humanitas, is derived from a framework created by the founders of Ad Humanitas, Solihin and Alicia Thom: itself seeded from Platonic, Early (Augustine) Christianity, (Lurianic) Qabalah and Islamic [Ibn al Arabi] roots, and mirrored by modern visionaries such as Bohm, Schumacher, Graves and Wilber.  Ad Humanitas references the work as a human template model, noting that within each of us lies elements of our phylogenetic past and that these elements may alter and disarrange our own capacities to find meaning and purpose in our lives. This core understanding underlies the various work taught by our associates and teachers around the world.

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